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"After my friends recommended Numerology By Dale, I got my yearly vibe reading. The reading was spot on; both helpful and enlightening on every level. It has given me the opportunity to learn more about myself and to feel more connected to the world around me. I highly recommend that you take this chance to see the world in this precise and fascinating way."


"All of the most intelligent people who have ever graced the planet acknowledge the science of Vibration, Frequency and Wave Theory and its effect on human nature. Dale takes his vast knowledge of Numerology and his incredible intuitive spirit and wholeheartedly puts his best efforts at interpreting and explaining the effects that these number vibrations will have on your life.

When I listen to the Vibe of The Day, it puts me it a place of love and gratitude, which enables me to receive only the best that the universe has in store for me.

Dale is an incredibly kind and generous spirit who genuinely wants to help you illuminate your best path. I highly recommend listening in to his free vibe of the day and scheduling a reading. The results have been profoundly positive for me."

"I met Dale through a close friend not knowing what to expect. It was like walking through a small house and reaching a vast, manicured garden. My life opened up. I was at a place in my life where everything was changing for me, my health was at stake because of breast cancer, my children were both under the age of two and my marriage was on its way to being over. "What more could I lose?", so I thought! I met Dale and as my journey progressed. He helped me understand what it meant to LIVE with God and the universe, to LIVE with the current of IT'S oceans (what is ultimately my/our ocean). This lesson has not only changed my life but the lives of my friends and family as they watch me heal miraculously from stage 4 breast cancer, claim my place as a spiritual being, regain my role as a mother of two, heal from a divorce and fall in love AGAIN! - The journey has not been easy but CHANGE often isn't; life and LIVING however, is joyous if you LET IT! (The Power of YES). - This experience is far more than a "numerology reading", its an opportunity to SEE your higher self..If YOU WANT IT!

Instead of "what more could I lose?"...my life became "Let uncertainty come and CHANGE my life as it sees fit, because the universe will always lead me to a joyous place, I have so much to gain, if I decide to get out of the way". Yes to the Power of YES and letting go!!!"

Thank you Dale!


"Dale was recommended to me through a close friend recently. She was so impressed with his intuitive gifts that she told me I had to contact him and I'm glad I did.

Dale truly is gifted and knows the vibrations of our souls through our individual numbers. There is a solace in his voice when he talks to us. He is a very real, caring individual who knows that each of us are special and he gets it and has found it in us and expresses it to us in a very warm way.

I was very surprised to hear Dale mention many things that only I knew and experienced. I constantly listen to his audio reading he did for me and get a lot of comfort from it. He knows what my deep personal thoughts are and have been and he knows what is out there for me and he picked this all up in his readings through numerology. The calm and kindness in his voice and his special personal thoughts & words for me have been right on. Dale is truly gifted and kind!"

"NumerologybyDale is one of my favorite new things! The monthly newsletter is something everyone should take advantage of, especially in these times we're living in. I am also very impressed with Dale's insightful readings & intuitive skills. My life reading information was incredibly helpful and accurate.

I love that he included declarations and exercises to help with centering & manifesting. I've happily passed his number to friends who are hooked & spreading the word as well. Thank You Dale"

"I found out about Dale from a good friend of mine in Brooklyn. I had a number of questions, but really I had one issue that for the life of me I could not make a decision on. For me this is strange, because I am one of the most decisive people I know.

I have a talent for being able to separate any and all emotions and strategize things quickly and easily. But I had one situation I just couldn’t decide upon. So I looked around for help. Someone who could perhaps give me some insight or resolve that I could not find myself. Deliberating the facts and risks associated with this issue was easy, but coming to a decision impossible. This went on for about 4 – 6 months, until I decided reach outside of my normal scope of confidants and seek out someone who could perhaps see what I could not. So I purchased a reading from Dale and listened intently.

He covered a large scope of areas some of which interested me, some of which did not. But the very last thing he said to me in my reading was; "I know you have one question you want to ask me and that's why you purchased this reading. I don't know what that question is, but I do know the answer. And that answer is YES! YES YES YES! Whatever it is, the answer is yes." So I took his advice and since then he has become a good friend and guide. He has helped me with so many other things that I had no idea were even coming my way.

Dale is truly a Godsend and I am most grateful for the help and guidance he has given me and continues to do so."

"Dale is the "real" thing and has an amazing gift for insight. Aside from being a warm and caring individual, he has a great talent to put the pieces of the "puzzle" together and make sense of it all. Based on your name blueprint, Dale gives clear information on one's past, present, and future, making sense of who you are and why you do what you do. I think this really helps one embrace who they are, capitalize on their strengths, and work on their weaknesses. All in all, it greatly helps one become their very best in all walks of life.

So, what are you waiting for? As Dale would way, "grab the bull by the horns" and start living your life to the fullest. As you can see, I recommend him and his gifts without reservation!"

"Dale was referred to me by a co-worker and on a whim I decided to give him a shot. Within seconds of communicating with him, I knew I had made the right decision. His reading couldn't have been more accurate. It was almost as if he'd lived in my head and feelings my whole life. He knew things that NO ONE could ever know and had such insight in regards to my soul and future desires. It was really overwhelming at times. Since then, I have told people run don't walk to call him and everyone I have referred has been as satisfied and, quite frankly, amazed by gift as I am.

Thank you Dale for giving me so many things to think about, look forward to and appreciate about this life that I've had and what it can possibly hold for me."


"What an enlightening experience!!! Just knowing why I do what I do and why people relate to me the way they do just validates me!!!!

Dale's talent is truly a blessed talent & if you are honest with yourself you will see the benefit of his talent.

Because of my reading I am living my life in the moment without question or blinders. I have a sense if clarity, direction and full understanding.

Thank you Dale!!!!!

Looking forward to the end of my year and the upcoming one!"

"I have had a lot of readings in my life - tarot, palm, astrology, and even a channeling. I had never done a psychic numerology reading before and I didn't know what to expect -- but it was amazing!

When Dale launched into what was coming up for me in my next birth year, I couldn't believe it. He was speaking to me about a plan and a dream I had forgottten about. He knew what I was going to do before I was fully aware myself. And it gave me the confidence to know I was going to make the right decision.

This is definitely the most important reading I've ever had -- and I can't wait to see what the rest of my year holds."

"I can't say enough! Simply an amazing journey through time: past, present and future. I had other readings before (tarot cards, palms, etc.), but never took any seriously.

This dude surprised me in so many levels.

The fact that you get an audio recording you can listen to, anytime and/or as many times you need, is also an interesting concept.

Don't know anyone who does that."

"My husband and I both got readings from Dale. We were both blown away at his accuracy not only in our behavioral traits but also in events that he told us would occur or had occurred.

The initial reading will give you insight into who you are, what your challenges may be and what you should look forward to. In addition, the follow up phone call will allow you to address any concerns that you may have.

Dale is warm, thoughtful and understanding. He really gives you perspective on your life. It's nice to know what the universe thinks about you!"

"I am so blessed to know Dale - He is such a positive, caring and upbeat person. Through his insight, he was able to tell me about my soul (through past lives), and what kind of unique abilities I possess. I feel for the first time a real sense of having a starting point where I can really begin to see which steps to take in life and how to take them by learning to put more trust in these strengths. Most importantly, he really helped me to understand many deeper truths about my core being. I have more confidence, and feel like I really know myself better now than I ever did which is such a gift in itself.

Sometimes to realize your dreams.. you have to know what they are...Definitely put your trust in Dale's wisdom, he is an amazingly talented person, he gives you lots of personal attention, is very thorough, and he also gives great follow up support.

He will quickly become your friend for life!"

"Dale's readings are so accurate I wondered if he had been living in my skin. His insights were so keen it was almost scary. But, it was a reading that I've never forgotten!"

"I have had many types of psychic readings through out my life including an astrological chart. Dale's knowledge in numerology combined with his psychic gift gave me the most comprehensive reading to date.

The reading gave me so much useful information that I am using to help propel my life forward. Dale is extremely passionate about numerology and generous with his time. I will continue to use his guidance.

"The numerology reading I received from Dale was enlightening and sacred. His intuitive use of the vibratory energy of numbers was astoundingly accurate and supportive.

I feel very confident that this reading will act as a source of guidance for me throughout this year. Thank you Dale"

"I am no stranger to psychic experiences and readings to help guide me on my path, but the way Dale came into my life and the impact he had, was truly a gift from God. And the timing could not have been better!

I was not "looking for him" and the circumstances surrounding our "meeting" and having my initial chart done, has had a profound impact on my life. His insight was remarkably accurate and the messages he conveyed were so enlightening. He completely changed my life and the effects were so far-reaching."

"I've always been curious with psychic readings, but Dale's great talent with psychic numerology definitely blew me away. At first I did not know what to expect, since I have never had numerology reading done before but this initial chart has given me such an insight to better understanding myself. I feel I have gained an advantage in knowing why I react a certain way, or have expected certain things or view situations the way I do. I found myself constantly talking back to Dale's voice on the CD saying "yes, that is sooo true," or "how did you know that?" It was an amazing journey through my past, present, and future. Because of this reading, I feel that Dale has given me the tools to navigate through my strengths and weaknesses as well as the understanding of why certain challenges and obstacles occur and how to surpass them.

It is easy to trust Dale's insight and wisdom. In exchange of text messages and e-mail, he has given me advice, and help me see the positive side of things. If this sense of enlightenment is through the initial reading, then I cannot wait to speak to Dale during my follow up. I know through his positivity and guidance, I've gained a friend for life. If you are honest with the 'you' you truly are, then put your trust into Dale and see how his warm spirit and talent can help you discover things that will bring you a new outlook on your everyday life and future!"

"What a blessing!!!! Dale has helped me to not only redirect my energy but also give me the confirmation that I needed, on so many levels, to help me move forward both spiritually and professionally.

I've done many "readings" in the past but this is more than just a quick how-to guide, but rather a way of modifying past mistakes and finding out your true calling. So many of the things we have discussed have already come to fruition and continue to do so.

I enjoy each email and/or conversation we share and am thankful to have a person such as Dale in my life. His gifts are astounding and I look forward to enjoying and learning more from his thoughts, insight, perspective and wonderful sense of being. Thank you always my friend."