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"Dale is a gifted numerologist and spiritual seer. When i received my life reading from Dale it felt like he was speaking directly to my soul. He has a beautiful spirit and shares his gift of insight and knowledge truthfully and with an open heart.

He has been a tremendous help in reaffirming my purpose in this life, and also understanding and overcoming any obstacles and fears holding me back.

I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Dale."

"I got to know Dale through a friend and I received a Life Reading and listened to the Free Vibe of the Day, this help me during a very turbulent past few years in my life.

It helped me to put life in perspective and not to worry too much about material things and focus about what's important for a happy life without stress. Dale gave an insight to a new road map for the future." Thank you!

"Where do I start... I started having Dale do readings for me about four years ago and he has truly changed my life. There were so many questions throughout my life that no one could really or possibly answer until I had my reading with Dale and I never told him what those questions were but he answered them.

Most of what Dale has told me through my readings has come to fruition. They have also given me a guideline and a direction for positive improvements in my life.

I can't express how AWESOME and CARING Dale is. He made me feel like he really cared about things I was going through and he was also very sensitive with my situations.

Dale's gift is strong and very accurate. I have had many readings in the past from others but Dale is by far the best I have ever been to. I wish I could thoroughly express how much his readings have changed my life. I have had my life reading and yearly readings and will continue.

Thank you Dale for all that you do for me!"

"After many readings in my life, many that were uplifting, helpful and truly spiritual, I'm not sure I can pigeon hole Dale into one category. His life reading for me was truly life changing.

Part psychic, numerologist, seer, counselor and guide through the ether, Dale has the gift to bring together many energies.

He explains to you his process as he goes and gives you confidence and understanding that I find a true reading should bring.

Dale is a constant reminder that any time on this Earth can be approached with love and great sense of humor."

"I had never tried a numerology reading until my friend told me about Dale. I was shocked at how wonderful, knowledgeable, and accurate my reading ended up being. I have since gotten readings as gifts for friends, as well as recommended Dale to others. Every single person has called me after their reading to thank me and tell me what a great experience it was for them. I feel honored to know Dale, he is truly a caring person that has an incredible gift and I am so happy that he is sharing it with the world."

"My life reading that I received from Dale was in many ways life changing. It helped me to learn and understand the person that I am in ways that words can never do justice.

In February of this year I decided to gift my mother with a reading from Dale on her birthday.

The relationship you have with yourself is important ... The relationship you have with the people you love most is also important. This reading not only transformed my mother and gave her that fire back but it also healed my relationship with her in so many ways.

I think more often than not we don't or can't connect with each other because we lack the path or the light to connect to ourselves ... Thank you dale for being light on the path."

"Dale is an Amazing seer, Numerologist & Psychic! I met him through a very close friend 2 years ago. I am so sorry I had not met him years ago. My Life would have been so different. Dale can see things almost Exact to what will happen!! I also enjoy Free Vibe of the day.com, and I subscribe to the Vibe of the Month.

Please try Dale!

He is a Seer and truly has the gift of vision. You will Not be Disappointed!"

"Dale is a gifted numerologist and spiritual oracle into the activity of planetary energies. He presents his insights in a clear light and specific voice. He melds insight with spiritual direction that includes tips on increased self-awareness which he provides in loving kindness. One of his many talents includes a vibrating voice that in itself communicates energy, purpose and light. Numerology is an ancient methodology of spiritual translation, which in the right hands speaks volumes. Dale is the appropriate translator in service to a better world."

"Dale is a true seer, master numerologist and spiritual guide.

His integrity and generosity in his readings are truly remarkable. He functions as a clear channel, devoid of ego and full of humility and compassion."

"I consider Dale a wonderful friend and guide. His ability to see and to be straightforward helped me through some very challenging and difficult times. I literally feel he saved my life at some crucial points! Dale is an amazing Seer and his inclination towards spirituality, heart and soul make him exceptional! He is warm, real and kind. I am so grateful that are paths have crossed!!"

"Dale plays many roles in my life - a 'seer, numerologist, life coach, and therapist’. This list could go on and on. His advice on life comes from the science of numerology. Of all the numerologists and astrologists I have consulted with over the years, he has been the most accurate. For example, I did a yearly read with him in September and took notes of major events that might happen in my life over the next year. In December, I booked a role on Law and Order. It was the ONLY audition I went on all month. In January, I checked my notes for the yearly read and sure enough Dale had mentioned that I would land a project for the TV or Stage!

He plays a key role in my growth as a human being. He helps me face the challenges of being human. And he continues to stand as a supporter of all of my goals and desires. I recommend him to all my family and friends."

"The woman who had given me tarot card readings recommended Dale to me. She uses him herself. I couldn't be happier that I got in touch with him. I had little knowledge of numerology, but Dale is a thorough teacher. I have had a life reading, year reading and numerous phone conversations. If you are looking for a better understanding of yourself, understanding of how others perceive you, and help to make the right decisions at the right time, Dale is your man. I highly recommend him and feel blessed our paths have crossed."

"Dale’s insightful coaching and spiritual guidance as a psychic numerologist have helped me better navigate many aspects of my life, family, career and relationships. He is truly gifted in the art of numerology and as an interpreter of the messages from the Universe, our guides and beyond the “Beyond”. His readings are “right on” with the kind of relevance for today that focuses on actionable and constructive ways to observe one’s path and life decisions towards spiritual growth and personal success.

Dale is also a creative collaborator with a straightforward approach who easily, but gently and compassionately, inspires the kind of introspective thought that can illuminate one’s path in a way that produces results. I encourage you to order a reading and listen to his “Vibe of the Day” for his recommendations on crystals, colors, foods and actions which resonate with the rhythm of the Universe. These messages will empower you.

Dale brings a deeper understanding to the landscape and lifescape of our journey and readily and eagerly shares the tools needed to access our innate intuitive abilities to really enjoy and celebrate, as Dale says, “another day upon the planet…another day ALIVE!” Dale is extraordinary and my most trusted and only resource for consultations."

"At an early age I became interested in physic phenomena. Encouraged by my Italian Mother, a believer in messages from dreams. I listened intensely to her Old World beliefs.

I worked in New York and became a friend of "Yolana" a well-known Psychic. I was astounded when she told me I had a gift for reading cards.

A few months later I was reading cards in a restaurant in Jackson Heights.

Through the years I have gone to other Physics but none of them can touch the gentleman I am recommending now. Dale is a gifted Numerologist. His outstanding and uncanny predictions set him apart from all the others. His life readings, where your questions are answered in detail without hurried or confusing replies are priceless.

When Dale predicted that I would be hospitalized was on target. He further predicted there would be a leak in my house. Forgetting about the prediction I proceeded to have my tenant's apartment painted. The leak was large and destroyed the paint job completely!

Needless to say Dale is a gifted person. I have recommended him to all my clients and they have thanked me for the recommendations.

"Dale is a beacon of light on life's stormy sea!" Call him!"

"As a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach I've used many tools to help me map out my career and lifestyle. By far a life reading/yearly reading with Dale has given me great insight on myself and the ever changing world around me. I'm very happy and honored to endorse Dale and Numerology as deeply perceptive means to reaching personal growth and understanding." Thank You Dale!

"I feel so thankful to the friend who recommended that I have a numerology reading with Dale. Knowing very little about numerology, I decided to have a Life Reading to find out as much as I could. That eading has changed my life and I have listened to the recording many times, hearing new insights every time. Dale told me things about myself that were so validating and helpful, at a time when I was feeling completely lost. Saying “yes” to clarity on my path, as Dale suggested, I found a wonderful opening begin to happen.

I can't say enough wonderful things about Dale and his many gifts. His positive, supportive nature, and enthusiasm always uplift my spirit, and I also appreciate the uncanny accuracy of his intuitive insights. In this way, Dale shares a wealth of information about numerology, and so much more. Dale has taught me to say “yes” to life, and out of that “yes” miracles have happened."

"Dale’s skills as both a Numerologist and Intuitive Reader are amazing! If you are interested in understanding Numerology and how it pertains to and can guide both your personal and business life, I highly recommend Dale. Dale is accurate and insightful and has gone above and beyond in offering guidance to my newly launched business." Jacqueline Rose Ranieri

"Hey Dale, when I first heard about you I did not take it very seriously. Then one day during my quiet time I had this strong feeling to reach out to you. Well, I booked my reading and as they say, the rest is history. Everyone that I recommend you to is so very pleased also. My sister who is a very tough person to please loves you dearly. You have been blessed with "The Gift" and you use it well. I pray you will always be in my life as friend and advisor. God Bless You Dale!"

"Hi Dale,

I wanted to say thank you. When I spoke to you to schedule an appointment. You told me that you saw something on the right side if my car. Well... I just got into my car and noticed that the back tire was going low. I just ran to the mechanic and they have to replace it because there's a bubble on the inside of the tire. Something that would have gone unnoticed until it blew. Thank you for your insight."

"I recommend dale to my brave clients and friends simply because he speaks the truth ... And I think brave people seek truth ... Especially truth that comes from an intuition that is of this world and beyond this world. He will provide insight and guidance that is transformative.

On a personal note ... I'm grateful to have crossed his path."