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" DALE DID SAY...", this statement has been my running line ever since I've connected with Dale. I've had a Life Reading , Yearly Reading and listen daily to The Vibe of the Day. He is truly a gift! I'm grateful that he is able to shed light onto my path. I think my favorite part about the readings are the follow up calls. At first, I was slightly intimated to chat on the phone because not everyday do you get to speak to someone who sees you so clearly. But as soon as we said hello it was as if I was catching up with my BFF.

I will continue to support his gift with a grateful heart.

Thank you!"

" Like any talented intuitive, Dale has specific unique qualities all unto himself. Aside from actual numerology, Dale is able to intuit so much; people, situations, and particulars that relate to the big picture. I have had several readings with Dale, and there is always so much to talk about.

I recommend trying several of his service offerings to get a feel for the different ways in which he works and focuses. In his first recorded reading for me, he spoke directly to my soul - the kind of person I am, my mission, my sensitivities, and areas to focus on.

In another reading, he pointed to a specific situation and elaborated on it without me giving him much info. I am grateful to Dale for being on our planet and I will read with him again.

Thank you Dale"

" I was introduced to Dale and numerology by a friend who got her first reading in 2017. She raved about the accuracy and always suggested I get a reading. Well, two years later, she gifted me with a reading for my birthday.

I was coming off a really rough 2018, and hoped 2019 wasn’t going to be the same.

Well, Dale gave nothing but goodness in his reading. It felt great to hear that great things were coming, but when they happened, I would say “OMG. Dale was spot on with this!” I’ve said that several times since my yearly reading. I am in such a great space. I am about to start a new job; which Dale said I would. My new job is taking me to a new city; which Dale said it would. This 27/9 year that I’m in has been spectacular thus far.

Positive yet necessary endings have happened. I thank my friend for gifting me with the best birthday present ever...a reading from Dale. Dale truly has a gift!

" Simply put: Dale changed my life. I was raised an evangelical Christian, so it took many years to work through my fears about other forms of divine intelligence, whether it be astrology or tarot or anything else.

I’d never heard of numerology until a friend recommended Dale’s readings in 2018. I was in the midst of one of the toughest, much important periods of my life, and at the exact time I needed some type of divine intervention and guidance, Dale did my life reading. I sat in tears because, for the first time, I felt not only that somebody understood me, but I finally understood MYSELF. Our follow-up conversation was just as illuminating. I’ve done a yearly reading since, which can only be described as prophetic. I listen to the vibe of the month, which helps me focus and stay calm.

The vibe of the day helps me sort through everything from what I wear to the conversations I do or don’t have. There is no more important source of wisdom in my life right now — I’m tempted to offer strangers a money back guarantee.

Thank you Dale, for letting the Universe use you in such a profound, earth-and-soul-moving way.

" I was introduced to Dale in 2017. Since then, I've had a Life Reading, Yearly Reading, and numerous insight sessions. Dale has an innate ability to connect with my ancestors, and guides to see, feel and hear messages that are completely relevant to my life experiences. His readings are of immense support and his accuracy is absolutely remarkable! When he says that he "sees the soul"...he truly means it! He is able to tune into my past lives, my overall vibe and what is going on in my life and then offer comprehensive solutions as well as probable outcomes.

Whenever Dale "nails it" and his words come to fruition, my friend and call one another and exclaim, "DALE STRIKES AGAIN"! We review our notes, confirm what was said and believe me...Dale has nailed it again and again! His readings have facilitated clarity on many familial, career, relationship, and financial issues for me. After each session, I always feel confident in knowing what needs to be done, what energy I am walking through, and how to best utilize that energy.

Dale does not sugarcoat what he sees or senses. He gives the truth (“nothing but the facts...”) as he sees it and imparts it with empathy. Dale will warn of potential, future obstacles to either prepare or positively shift the course of events for his client’s benefit.

Dale is much more than a Seer, Psychic Numerologist; he is also a kind-hearted, compassionate and generous soul who is gifted with the ability to make everyone from all walks of life feel exceptional! In addition, Dale combines healing and intuitive counseling/coaching with knowledge of crystal energy fields, aromatherapy, metal resonances, and color therapy as additional balancing information to assist on one's journey.

Seeing is believing! Words just don’t seem to give justice to what he does! One must experience a "Dale strikes again" to actually believe! You will connect to inspired thought! You will tap into a wellspring of intuitive wisdom! And most of all, you will feel empowered to journey forward most progressively in Light!